Why push for a cure? Because it is there...

Hiking connects our drive to achieve new heights and explore the world around us – while breaking free from the daily grind and embracing the natural beauty of mountain life.

From breathtaking adventures in iconic national parks to day trips in local state parks, Team In Training's hike program gives climbers of all experience levels an incredible opportunity to support the LLS mission while striving for the summit.

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Here is what TNT can do for you:

  • Provide weekly hikes to get you ready for the big one.
  • Expand your social circle and provide the opportunity to become part of a community and team.
  • Help you explore and reach new heights at incredible destinations

Here is what you can do for patients:

  • Help save lives by fundraising while you train.
  • Help improve the lives of patients and their families.
  • Get us all closer to a world without blood cancers.

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“Someone ran for me when I was in treatment. I've always been a volunteer and done stuff for others - but now I have a passion. Team In Training helped save my life... And I want to help save someone else's.”

Abby, lymphoma survivor | TNT Athlete

Why We Need Your Help

Every 3 minutes someone in the US is diagnosed with a blood cancer.

Despite progress, more than a third of blood cancer patients still do not survive five years after their diagnosis.

Every 9 minutes someone in the US dies of a blood cancer.

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