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National Rookie Challenge

The National Rookie Challenge is a national fundraising competition for first-time Team In Training teammates to raise as much money as possible and make an incredible impact for the mission of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Rookie challengers must have the ability and desire to set a fundraising goal of $25,000 at minimum to qualify for this elite level competition.

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“Laurie is the epitome of what it means to be resilience and relentless. When we asked her to be one of our National Rookie Challengers, she didn't even blink. She is so dedicated to the mission of LLS that she took on this challenge with a smile.

Laurie's personal 9-year battle with cancer has changed her life forever. She came out of that battle looking to make a real difference, a real change. We knew this drive would lead her to be a very successful NRC. She had raised money before with MWOY, LTN, and SOY, so now it was time for her to do something with her body to prove that cancer didn't take her down.

Using her large network, sharing her story, and never giving up, led her to be the Inaugural National Rookie Challenge Winner!”

– Meredyth Gonzalez, Campaign Manager

Light The Night Sample Social Post on Phone

Impact & Hero Awards

Individuals who raise $50,000 or teams that raise $100,000 are eligible to link the name of their choice with cutting edge LLS-funded research. The portfolios include a variety of research grants that support every discipline in the blood cancers, each with a mix of multi-year grants to accelerate promising therapies.

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We'd like to acknowledge our current top fundraisers.

*Leaderboard updated every 3 months

Deb Durig


John Black


Audrey Batcheller


Brian Kozera


Patric Hyland


Andrea Ferenchik


Felix Laboy


Matthew Duffy


Peter Shankman


Sarah Hamilton