Become a Team Captain

Teams Need Leaders Like You.

Become a TNT captain and lead the way to cures through corporate or community participation.

It takes a special person to create and lead a TNT team.
Put your passion and dedication to work by creating and leading a TNT fundraising team. Your teammates can come from your workplace to form a corporate team, or you can tap your friends and family, your own training partners, social network, or any community you're part of. Teams with strong leaders have the collective power to raise more funds and save more lives.

To date, more than 650,000 TNT teammates have helped LLS invest more than $1 billion for blood cancer research that's saving lives as you read this.

We encourage you to become a team captain. Being a team captain is a great opportunity for leadership in a way that could transform your life or career. The sky is the limit on the change you can make in the world!

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