Community Teams

Create a Community Team

Communities are strongest when they have a shared sense of purpose and a cause to rally around. What cause could be more compelling than to save lives and improve outcomes for blood cancer patients and their families? Ignite that passion and engage your family, friends and broader social network so we can get to a world without blood cancers faster.

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Lead a Community Team

Go a step further and become a TNT team captain. Not only will leading a community TNT team benefit and improve outcomes for blood cancer patients, it will also reinforce a support system that teammates will benefit from long after any TNT event.

Your TNT team will:

  • Impact the fitness and health of friends, family and neighbors
  • Build team spirit and a strengthened sense of community
  • Give your personal network a strong shared commitment and social connection
  • Help get us all closer to living in a world without blood cancers

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Team On Fire

"I think the number one thing you should remind yourself of is that you are giving someone the opportunity to belong to something truly special. Yes it is hard to train, yes it is hard to ask your friends and family again for money. But at the end of the day, being a part of something like this is so special and unique. It is something that all us schlubs cranking away at our computer all day at work, crave for. To feel like you are a part of something that connects us together."

Ben Wang, Team Captain for Team Kim

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