Coaches Resources


Coach Resources

Staff Support Map - A scroll-over map that allows you to see which staff support your region.

Coach Checklist - Need to review the What, How and When? Use this.

Training Questionnaire - Send this to your Teammates to learn more about their endurance sports history.


Training Articles

Cathy Fieseler, MD: Injury Prevention
Jack Daniels: Becoming a Better Runner with Supplemental Training
Nancy Clark, MS RD CSSD: The Athlete’s Kitchen (Run Diet Myths)
Nancy Clark, MS RD CSSD: SportsNutrition
Nancy Clark, Training Your Gut
Nancy Clark, Sports Supplements 


QT2 Resources

QT2 offers access to podcasts, videos and articles specific to swimming and triathlon. 


Walk Specific Articles

Tom Dooley, Area Coach: Coaching the Slower Walker
Tom Dooley, Area Coach: Midweek Conditioning and Sport Specific Training for Walkers
Tom Dooley, Area Coach: The Benefits of Warming Up
Tom Dooley, Area Coach: More for your Core
Tom Dooley, Area Coach: Tapering
Tom Dooley, Area Coach: Overstriding
Tom Dooley, Area Coach: Active Recovery
Tom Dooley, Area Coach: Analyzing Walk Gait - Propulsive Phase
Tom Dooley, Area Coach: Analyzing Walk Gait - Swing Phase

Hike Specific Articles

Carolyn Balling, Area Coach: The Ten Hiking Essentials
Carolyn Balling, Area Coach: Conditioning Your Core and More – Strengthening and Balance Exercises
Carolyn Balling, Area Coach: A Hiking Lexicon
Carolyn Balling, Area Coach: Hiking at Altitude
Carolyn Balling, Area Coach: In Lieu of Hills
Carolyn Balling, Area Coach: Lessons from and for Novice Hikers
Carolyn Balling, Area Coach: Managing the Back of the Pack
Carolyn Balling, Area Coach: Pace Checks
Carolyn Balling, Area Coach: Rating Trails
Carolyn Balling, Area Coach: Weight Management & Hiking
Carolyn Balling, Area Coach: When Runners Join the Hike Team
Carolyn Balling, Area Coach: Post-hike standing stretches

Carolyn Balling, Area Coach: Feet strength stretch

Carolyn Balling, Area Coach: Stair workouts

Cycle Specific Articles

Arnie Baker, Climbing/Descending Tips
Arnie Baker: Pacing
Arnie Baker: Forefoot Problems
Arnie Baker: Overtraining
Arnie Baker: Back Pain
Arnie Baker: Recovery
Arnie Baker: Rapid Weight Changes
Arnie Baker: Six Climbing Positions
Ande Edlund, Area Coach: Buying a Bike
Ande Edlund, Area Coach: Tire Changing

Triathlon Specific Articles

Ande Edlund, Area Coach: Tri Gear Checklist
Ande Edlund, Area Coach: Transitions
Dave Scott: Super Swim Technique
Dave Scott: Over-reaching vs. Over-training
Ande Edlund, Area Coach: Triathlon Rules
Dave Scott: Swim Biomechanics
Dave Scott: Cycling Biomechanics

Running Specific Articles

Joe English: Running Shoes and Gear
Joe English: Quality Workouts
Joe English: Tapering
Joe English: Marathon Pacing
Joe English: Injuries Happen
Joe English: Injury Prevention
Joe English: 20 Milers
Joe English: Stretching
Joe English: Rest, Quality and Eating

Sixcycle Documents and Recordings

Sixcycle How-To
Welcome to Sixcycle Guide (Participant Guide)
Sixcycle: FAQ
Sixcycle How-To: Call Recording


National Clinics & Virtual Kickoffs

Injury Prevention & Sports Nutrition Webinar 

Every other month we will host a call-in clinic for either Injury Prevention or Sports Nutrition. You will see the announcements via the Facebook feed and Sixcycle.

 Virtual Kickoff

The Event Strategy Team will host an Event Kickoff call for all teammates across the country. It includes an TNT introduction, Mission Moment and fundraising overview. In addition, the agenda gives a preview of their Event Weekend and course highlights. The kickoff does not cover training information as it is unique dependent upon the coach and training location. There will be emails starting 4 weeks out from the Kickoff. If you are assigned to that event, you will receive the email. Finally, each Event will have a national Facebook group to help in building community and provide answers to event-related questions.


Spring/Summer Events, 2019

EVENTS Event Date TNT Event Site Facebook Group
United Airlines NYC Half

March 17, 2019

NYC Half TNT Website

Lavaman Waikoloa Triathlon

March 31, 2019
Boston Marathon

April 15, 2019
Virgina Money London Marathon

April 28, 2019
Novo Nordisk New Jersey Marathon & Half Marathon

April 27-28, 2019
America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride

June 2, 2019
Hike Mount Washington

June 8, 2019
Rock 'n' Roll Seattle Marathon, 1/2 Marathon, & 5k

June 8-9, 2019
Hike Yosemite

June 15, 2019
Anchorage Mayor's Marathon & Half Marathon

June 22, 2019


Fall/Winter Events, 2019

EVENTS Event Date TNT Event Site Facebook Group
Napa to Sonoma Wine Country Half Marathon July 20-21, 2019

North Shore Century September 15, 2019    
Bank of America Chicago Marathon October 13, 2019

Rock 'N' Roll Denver Half Marathon October 19-20, 2019    
Marine Corps Marathon October 27, 2019
TCS New York Marathon November 3, 2019
Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend January 9-12, 2020

Coach Responsibilities and Policy

Coach Roles

Area Coach 
League Coach
Team Coach


Coach Onboarding & Training Modules

New Coach Application All new Coaches should use the application to submit their interest. Please forward this link to any interested Coach.

TNT Coach Modules

New Coaches will be assigned four Onboarding modules through TalentEdge. These are:

  1. TNT Coach Roles & Responsibilities: 15 minutes
  2. TNT Coach Communication Protocol: 15 minutes
  3. TNT Safety Protocol: 25 minutes
  4. TNT Event Weekend & Group Training Policy: 15 minutes

Current Coaches with Team In Training are also able to access these at any time in TalentEdge.

Coach Checklist Once you've completed the onboarding Modules you can use this as a refresher.

Coach Policy Document

Download Updated Version Here

Forms for Group Training and Event Weekend

TNT Information Form & Waiver (replacing the old Health & Fitness form)
TNT Information Form & Waiver Report
Incident Report
One Day Liability & Information Release (Online version) One Day Liability & Information Release (PDF)
One Day Liability & Information Release (Under Age 18)
Risk Manual