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Social Networking

These tools will help you support Team In Training and assist you in your fundraising goals. Use them on all your social networking sites.


LLS Facebook Fan Page. Connect with other LLS supporters. You can join the TNT Facebook Fan Page, and our Facebook Causes Profile.

Team In Training Community. Interact with your peers, get advice from other supporters and share your ideas on the community boards. Also check out our blogs: The LLS Blog, The @LLS Blog and the TNT Blog. You can even start your own blog right in the LLS Community.

Twitter. We're tweeting! Sign up and you're on your way to receiving LLS updates for patients and caregivers and the Team In Training Tip of the Day. Follow us on Twitter: @llsusa and @teamintraining

YouTube. Visit the LLS YouTube Channel to view our online videos or post your own videos. We'd love to see them!

Flickr. Upload photos to the LLS Flickr group.

LinkedIn. Visit our page and join to get updates and news and to meet other supporters.Visit our page and join to get updates and news and to meet other supporters.

Banner Ads

Use this Team In Training web banner to show everyone you talk to that you are supporting Team In Training. Right click and save or copy the image URL.

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