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Sample letters/emails

The first letter
Round two: Follow-up
Final push: End of season
Post-event and thank you
Letters for alumni
Sample donation forms

If you use these, remember to customize! Change "DATE" and "NAME" to today and you. Change the sport and event references depending on your sport and event, and add personal touches wherever possible. The first letter

While some of these letters have sport names in the description, don't let that stop you from checking them out! Every letter listed is different and worth a look, and you can use bits and pieces from all of them to form your own letter.

Guess what? (What is TNT?)

Cancer in this economy

My First Triathlon

All-purpose first letter

All-purpose cycle

All-purpose run

Happy New Year!

Personal connection

Couples letter

Personal story: When my dad was diagnosed

Personal connection with call to join the National Marrow Donor Program

Personal connection flier (with photos)

Co-workers' letter to the office

Tri-fold brochure

Generic marathon

Personal connection, emphasis on triathlon

For those that can't

Sample general email

Round two: Follow-up

Gimme 5

New milestones every week

Email rhyme, short and sweet

Final push: End of season


Post-event and thank you


Recap and thanks

Anecdotes, summary and final call for donations

Acknowledgement and official summary (Non-editable PDF)

To be continued

Letters for alumni

It's that time of year again...

New Year's Resolution

Challenging economic times

At it again, with honoree update

Mock newsletter

Back in the saddle

Continued insanity

Professional letter for your colleagues

Am I crazy or what?

I am totally crazy... um dedicated!

My fifth marathon

Yet again...

Sample donation forms & other resources

Also see sample donation forms included in most of the letters listed above.

Yes, I want to help raise money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!

Donation form

Business Card Template

Elements of a fundraising letter


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