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Moms In Training


Join The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Moms In Training program!


Why Join?

Because we are moms all united in the fight against cancer. 

Check out our MUST WATCH 4 minute video! 

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What is Moms In Training?

Moms In Training (MIT) is a social, flexible 10-week fitness program that culminates with an optional all women's run/walk in Central Park on June 13th. Since the program's inception, 1,500 moms have raised nearly $2 million for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!  Fall season begins at the end of September! Stay tuned for more updates!



Who Can Participate?

Moms of babies, toddlers & kids of all ages

Expectant moms

Moms who are brand new to fitness or want to get back in shape

Moms who want to work out with their baby

Moms who want to carve out an hour for themselves


When & Where Do We Meet?

We meet on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday mornings at the following locations throughout the city. 




Central Park (72nd St. between Central Park West and 5th Avenue)

Friday @ 9:30am & Saturday, 9am

Central Park (86th Street & Central Park West)

Sunday @ 9am

Central Park (90th Street and 5th Avenue)

Sunday @ 9am

Madison Square Park

Friday @ 9:30am & Saturday @ 9am

Pier 25 - Tribeca/Battery Park

Sunday @ 9am

Lower East Side

Sunday @ 9am

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Saturday @ 9am

Prospect Park

Saturday @ 9am

McCarren Park

Friday @ 9:30am & Sunday @ 9:30am

Astoria Park

Saturday @ 9am

Van Cortlandt Park

Friday @ 9am & Sunday @ 9am

Clove Lakes Park

Sunday @ 9am


*We have other Moms In Training locations that may be closer to home! 


Long Island

New Jersey


Read about Moms In Training in ABC News

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How Do I Sign Up?

1) Click here to register
2) Select "Sign Up as an Individual"
3) Select "Moms In Training" as your event

Questions or ready to register?
Email or call 212.376.4657


Commonly Asked Questions

  MIT Website


Q: How much do I have to fundraise in order to participate?
We ask you to commit to raising at least $500. You will receive a fundraising website & additional Staff support. There is a $100 registration fee to join, which is credited toward your fundraising goal & is a tax deductible donation. The average mom raises $1,500!

Q: I know someone personally affected by cancer. Can I train in honor or memory of this person?
A: Absolutely! We encourage you to honor someone you know who has been affected by ANY type of cancer.

Q: Is my child allowed at the work-out?
A: As long as your baby is able to remain in the stroller, you are welcome to bring your baby to the training sessions! The workouts allow you to exercise with a stroller.  For safety reasons, you'll need a jogger if you plan to run. If you come with another type of stroller, you should plan to walk for that workout -- they just aren't balanced properly and could tip over, and no one wants that! If you have questions about jogging strollers, ask us or feel free to post questions on the Facebook page.

Q: What if I've never run with a stroller before?
A: We will go over proper running form, with and without strollers. If you bring the stroller and the workout is too difficult for you (because pushing that extra load is a LOT on your body!), Coach Michele and I will gladly help you out and take over stroller duty for a bit. Please remember that extra weight is extra stress on your body, and if you're not used to running with it, you need to build up slowly so you don't get injured. Do not be shy about letting us know if it's too much at any time.

Q: What if I can't attend all the work-outs or participate in the June 13th event?
A: The program is tailored around being flexible for moms! We encourage you to attend as many work-outs as you can. You can still participate in the program even if you are unable to participate in the June 13th 10K.

Q: What do the work-outs consist of?
A: Each Sun workout will be 60-70 mins. The last 10-15 minutes will consist of a core and strength session, and a group stretch. We really want you to stick around for this if possible! And if you can't, we want you to do the core exercises and stretch when you get home -- even if it's later in the day.

Q: How do I know what to wear for the weather? 
A: Generally speaking, it will feel 15-20 degrees warmer than the air temperature when you are running. So if it's 60 outside, it will feel like 75 mid workout. But keep in mind we will be doing a warm up and cool down, so it's always best to dress in layers you can take on and off easily. 
This tool from Runner's World is a fantastic guide on how to dress for various conditions.

Q: Do I need to bring water?
A: For the first few workouts, you probably won't need to bring water with you -- there's a fountain near our meeting place. But as temps rise, you may want to consider bringing a bottle you can easily carry with you on your run.

Q: Can I leave early?
A: If you need to leave off early, PLEASE let your coaches know or ask a teammate to relay the message so we don't worry about you.  

Q: I am not an athlete at all! Can I really train to complete a 6.2 mile run/walk in ten weeks?
A: YES! We have moms of all levels who join. You have the ability to run, walk, or do a run/walk combination.



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