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TNT Rock Stars

All Team In Training athletes are heroes, but there are those among them that go above and beyond.  These dedicated individuals raise more than $1,000 over their required fundraising there by earning the title of "Rock Star".

The source of inspiration for this illustrious honor is our North Star 2015 vision.  Our vision is that by 2015 we will have cured blood cancers, or that those diagnosed with a blood cancer will be able to manage their disease with good quality of life.  Only through the continued dedication of our teammates, and everyone raising money for LLS, will we be able to help fund the research that will bring our vision to reality.

Thank you to all our teammates, and especially our Team In Training Rock Stars:





         Benjamin Silva

         Cindy Silva

         Liz Huffman

         Richard D Gastellum

         Sandi Gilley

         Dan Winkless

         Emily Ward

         Wendy Einhorn

         Amanda Sanders

         Leanne Armstrong

         Christine Holder

         Christine Chavez



         Sean Calvert

         Kris Stichman

         Jennifer L Johnson

         Frederick Bermudez

         Sarah Sapeta

         Shawn Reed

         Elizabeth Hawkes

         Audrey C Herrera

         Sandy Drake-Rubin

         Keith Powell

         Maria Lampasi

         Phyllis Jankowski

         Rhonda Protzen

         Bob Hume

         Michael Hussey

         Vivian Giudice

         Richard Giudice

         Meshelle Alonzo

         Tana Clem


         Sunflower Fraser

         Lauren E Prescott

         Angela Welford

         Belinda Armijo

         Lori de Ravello

         Steve Gigliotti

         Anna Kohulka

         Gerald Maracchini

         Laura Rasmussen

         Karen Powelson

         Jessica Rodriguez

         Ross Perkal

         Tom Gilbert

         Susan Kirst-Millspaugh

         Carolyn Skinner

         Terri Gonzales

         Becky Brandt

         Suzi Twomey








         John Stichman

         Catherine Thompkins

         Debby Casson

         Warren Haskins

         Valerie Shulfer

         Sarah A Montano

         Mary Clum

         Catherine Elliott

         Chris Woodward

         Stephanie Cinocco

         Lori de Ravello

         Teresa Jones

         Janet K Hebert

         Vonnie Ulibarri

         Suzi Twomey

         Roselie Noriega

         Sonya Carrasco-Trujillo

         Mary Maracchini

         Kelsea P Cronin

         Sandi Gilley

         Kathy Freise

         Eleanor Smith


         Sandi Gilley

         Nancy Murphy Bowles

         Deana Mercer

         Hari Khalsa

         Elisabeth Steele

         Ethan Sims

         Mike Kivitz

         Diane Nelson

         Judy Gilman

         Joseph Sanchez

         Rodrigo L Eichwald

         Stephanie Clark

         Joanne Dyer

         Shirley Walker

         Kellie Magee

         Judy Traeger


         Clark Haskins

         Janet Hebert

         Megan Martins

         Michael Snider

         Suzi Twomey














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