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Marathons & Half Marathons

Team In Training offers runners and walkers the opportunity to take on the challenge of a marathon or half-marathon and make a difference in the lives of an estimated 1,012,533 people in the United States living with, or in remission from, leukemia, Hodgkin lymphoma, non-Hodgkin lymphoma or myeloma.

Along with a customized-training program and expert coaching, participants will train with a local group of like-minded individuals for motivation and inspiration.

Upcoming Marathons & Half Marathons

Team In Training (TNT) is looking for walkers and runners for the events listed below.

Please note that participation in a TNT event is subject to the local availability of group training and transportation arrangements. Please consult the TNT staff at your local chapter for additional details.

Upcoming Marathons & Half Marathons

Team In Training (TNT) is looking for runners and walkers for the events listed below.

IMT Des Moines Marathon & Half Marathon

What: Run/Walk 13.1 or 26.2 miles

When: October 19, 2014

Where: Des Moines, IA

Training Starts: May 2014

Training Locations: Des Moines metro, Iowa City and Cedar Rapids

How: Click here to register and run, run/walk or walk


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Nike Women's Half Marathon, A Race to Benefit LLS 

What: Run/Walk 13.1 miles

When: October 19, 2014

Where: San Francisco, CA

Training Starts: May 2014

Training Locations: Des Moines metro, Iowa City and Cedar Rapids

How: Click here to register and run, run/walk or walk

San Francisco

Bass Pro Conservation Marathon & Half Marathon (FALL EVENT)

What: Run/Walk 13.1 or 26.2 miles

When: November 2, 2014

Where: Springfield, MO

Training Starts: May 2014

Training Locations: Des Moines metro, Iowa City and Cedar Rapids

How: Click here to register and run, run/walk or walk

Bass Pro Marathon

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding TNT Marathons/Half Marathons

Q: How long is a marathon or a half marathon and can I walk or run?

A: A marathon is 26.2 miles and a half marathon is 13.1 miles. For almost all of our events, you can walk or run the race or do a little of both.

Q: What if I have never done an endurance event before?

A: Don't worry! We have a training schedule for walkers and beginner runners. You will have a coach who will start your training at your current level of fitness and build it from there. You will train within a noncompetitive, supportive team atmosphere, and you will follow a solid training schedule that will help you develop the skills, endurance and motivation to succeed. You also have the opportunity to attend three clinics covering shoe fit and apparel, nutrition and injury prevention. They will provide you with information to help you get started and stay healthy throughout the season.

Q: Who are the coaches and what are their qualifications?

A: Our coaches are interviewed and hired to be your number-one training resource. They are all CPR and First Aid certified and have an extensive background in walking or running. They also attend a training session specifically for TNT coaches. Generally, they are TNT alumni as well.

Q: How do I know if I am a walker or a runner?

A: Choose the pace you think you will do for at least 75% of your miles. If you plan to walk a little but run most of the time, or if your goal is to run more than half of your event, choose the run team. If you plan to walk more, or if you'd like to learn athletic walking, join the walk team. All of our coaches are available to individualize a training program to fit your needs.

Q: Where and when are the trainings?

A: During the week you will follow your daily training schedule and do your walks or runs on your own. Some teams have a mid-week group track workout led by a coach to focus on technique and speed. Your long coach-led training walks and runs will generally take place on Saturday mornings at various locations. You will receive the training schedule and the group-training location schedule when you sign up for the program as well as in a weekly coach email.

Q: Do I have to buy a bunch of new workout clothes?

A: One of the best things about walking and running is you need a lot less gear than with other sports. You don't have to spend a lot of money, it is really up to you. You will need quality shoes and socks, and some training apparel especially for outdoor training sessions that can be hot or cold. We will have a shoe and apparel clinic at the beginning of the season to discuss proper gear. We also work with local businesses called Community Partners, where we have secured discounts for TNT participants to help reduce your costs.

Q: Are there resources available to learn about injury prevention and nutrition?

A: There are clinics each season to cover issues like injury prevention and nutrition and hydration. You are also welcome to discuss these topics with your coach or any of our Community Partner stores create a plan that works for you.

Q: What happens if I can't do all of the workouts on the schedule?

A: You want to aim to do as much of the schedule as you can. Although, the training sessions are not mandatory. The people who have the best experience and are the most successful in our program are those who stick to the schedule as much as possible. If you miss a day here or there due to illness, injury or scheduling, don't worry about it. Talk to your coaches' they will work with you to modify your training schedule.

Q: How do I stay motivated?

A: Walk or run with others, such as your mentor or other teammates. Sometimes your teammates may event want to meet for weekday workouts. Going through this experience with a team makes it more memorable and makes you accountable to others. And, don't forget to think about your Honored Heroes! They are blood cancer survivors or patients who will remind you why you are participating in TNT.


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