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Top Fundraisers

Top NAtional Team In Training Fundraisers. See how you stack up.
Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend
Karl Kaufmann North Carolina $28,976
Brigid Kelly TNT Flex $23,607
Jodi Fleisig Georgia $19,090
Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend
Rachel Grenier Washington/Alaska $7,045
Carol Reutercrona Washington/Alaska $6,224
Janine Roach Greater Los Angeles $5,705
ING Miami Marathon
Sharon Pollock Georgia $7,080
Tori Hood Georgia $6,890
Shantrell Lewis Southern Florida $4,965
HERO-THON Half Marathon San Antonio
Chris Ulack South Central Texas $10.475
Tami Klimpel TNT Flex $6,580
Kara Dunham TNT Flex $6,460
Stay on top of things and check back often. *Results as of 12/07/2012
Please note: The funds listed above are reflected in U.S. dollars. They are not an official confirmation of fundraising totals. Please check with your local chapter staff to confirm your fundraising total.


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