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Faces of TNT

Bill Cooper (Crash)

Faces of TNT Bill Cooper

Events Completed with TNT
St. Anthonys Triathlon 2006
Disney Marathon 2008
Tahoe Century Ride 2008
Nike Wo-Mens Half-Marathon 2008
Nations Triathlon 2009
San Diego Half-Marathon 2011
Nike Wo-Mens Half-Marathon 2011

Prior to TNT, what was your experience with endurance sports?
The only experience I had was 14 years previously. I completed two marathons in 12 months and then quit exercising completely until just before I signed up for the Triathlon. The summer prior I did a lot of cycling to help recover from some surgery.

Why TNT?
In 2005, I participated in a local cycling event to ride 50 miles with a friend. I saw this group of riders in these really cool jerseys and stopped by the tent to pick up some literature.

Shortly after the event we learned that my mother in law had a very rare form of Leukemia.

I attended an informational meeting thinking I would sign up for a century ride only to learn that it was for a triathlon instead. Of course I signed up, and the rest is history. Oh by the way, did I mention that I never learned to swim. Small detail when you are going to swim almost a mile. Piece of cake.

And I suppose I wanted to help because of my mother in laws condition.

Why have you returned year after year?
My mother passed from cancer New Years Eve 2006.
My father passed from cancer related complications in 2008.
My mother in law passed in 2009.
I have lost team heroes.
I have lost TNT teammates.
This crap SUCKS.
But there is a brighter side
I have learned of cures resulting from LLS funding, some of which originated here in Columbus.
My health has improved.
I am giving back to our local economy by keeping the doctors and surgeons gainfully employed.
And, I train with an endless supply of beautiful women which gives an old man a reason to keep moving.

Sincerely, I am very blessed.. and I wanted to give back in a meaningful way.

Would you consider doing another TNT event?
Yes, I am already signed up for my next Century ride and I do not plan on stopping there. God willing, I will continue to fight cancer "One mile at a time"

Favorite TNT Memory?
Group hug with seven wonderful teammates (female of course) who cried with me when I finished my first Triathlon after swimming in the worst conditions ever. Oh, by the way, did I mention that I didnt? Yeah I thought so.

Enduring friendships.

Watching survivors finish a TNT event.

Hearing that our Heroes are in remission.

Any words of advice for new participants?
You will finish. In all of the events I have participated in, everyone on my teams finished. We have great coaches and the TNT staff does an AMAZING job of keeping you on track and organized.

Fundraising is easy, dont let them tell you otherwise. Letters and email will get you at least 50% of your goal. But, you really do have to start the day you sign up.

Have fun, this is an event not a race.

I had a wonderful, personal coach, who told me after I had a panic attack before my first Triathlon, by the way, did I? I thought so.

any way, he told me I had achieved everything I needed to complete the event, I had transformed myself from a couch potato to an endurance athlete. He said, just keep thinking, one stroke, one push of the pedal and one step at a time will get you to the finish line. I repeated that over and over again as I completed my first Olympic distance Triathlon. That coach was my son who called me at 4:00 in the morning the day of the event to wish me well on my success and to tell me he would be waiting for my phone call after I finished.


Jennifer Denk

Faces of TNT Jennifer Denk

Events Completed with TNT
America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride 2005
Dry Run (Century bike ride) 2005
Nike Women's Marathon 2006
Columbus Half Marathon 2007
Columbus Full Marathon 2011

Why TNT?
A good friend approached me to do America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride with him.  I was curious and excited to do something different and raise money for a good cause! 

Why have you returned year after year?
The TNT friends I have met, and still run and bike with years later have changed my life.  Having the coaches and mentors and staff around to get you to finish line is like no other support you will ever have participating in an endurance event.  Plus, cancer is still touching and affecting the lives of my friends and family.  I want to do my part in supporting and helping when and how I can!

Would you consider doing another TNT event?
I will get, what I call, the "triple crown" of TNT and complete a triathlon with Team in Training at some point!  There will be other events in my future as well!

Favorite TNT Memory?
I can't narrow it down to just one so here are a few... The friends I have met, hearing the fog horn blow running through the streets of San Francisco, riding up the very difficult Spooner Hill in Lake Tahoe and then flying down the back of it, and crossing every finish line knowing I was a part of something more than the run or ride I had just completed!

Any words of advice for new participants?
Get as involved as you can!  Participate in fundraisers, as they are a great way to meet your other teammates, plus raise money for LLS. Participate in training runs/rides.  Listen to the stories of those around you.  These stories, thoughts, motivation, will help you cross that finish line!  Also, trust your coaches!  They are the best of the best!

Prior to TNT, what was your experience with endurance sports?
I had run some just to get in shape, but actually didn't really even own a bike until I had to start training for Lake Tahoe.  My first running race was a 5 miler, while training for Nike Womens Marathon in 2006! 


John Keep

Faces of TNT John Keep

Events Completed with TNT
Cap City Half Marathon 2007
Nike Women's Marathon 2010
Cap City Half Marathon 2011
Nike Women's Marathon 2011

Why TNT?
I started running again with TNT in 2006 to honor my grandfather who was suffering from Multiple Myeloma at the time. He lost his battle with cancer and I now run in his memory as well as to honor all the amazing patients and survivors I've met since then.

Why have you returned year after year?
Because our ultimate race isn't complete. We're still looking for a cure. And the people I'm out there with, raising funds and putting in miles, have become my close friends and an extended family.  Every season in an unforgettable experience and a chance to be part of something amazing.

Would you consider doing another TNT event?
Absolutely! You couldn't keep me away.

Favorite TNT Memory?
My favorite TNT memory is of the first time that I entered the Inspiration Dinner at Nike 2010. Lining the entrance and steps down to dinner were hundreds of coaches, TNT staff and team heroes wearing crazy outfits and cheering for us.  All of them thanking us for what we were doing.  It was extremely moving.

Any words of advice for new participants?
Take that first step.  TNT will change your life.  The miles get easier, fundraising can be fun, and the people you meet will amaze you. Before you know it, you'll be crossing that finish line.

Prior to TNT, what was your experience with endurance sports?
Very little. I had done some running in high school, but it had been years since I'd been out there and nothing of major distance.


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